YOU On Demand and CNTV to Partner Exclusively for IPTV SVOD and TVOD Offerings

NEW YORK, Nov. 12,    2015 /PRNewswire/ -- YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: YOD) ("YOU On    Demand" or "YOD"), a leading Video On Demand ("VOD") service provider in China delivering Hollywood    movies and premium content to TV and mobile screens, announced today an exclusive    distribution and service partnership agreement with China Network Television's    ("CNTV") IPTV operating entity Ai Shang Media ("CHINA IPTV").


Under existing government regulations, CNTV is the sole national broadcast    controller of all of the country's IPTV platforms across all 31 provinces.  In    each region, the local telecom operators provide 2-tiered service of bundled    broadband and IPTV services, which carry both live TV and on demand content from CNTV    and local provincial TV stations.  For example, over the last several years,    China Telecom, one of the big 3 telecom operators in China, has expanded to 40 million IPTV subscriber homes in    southern China.


CHINA IPTV, created as a joint venture by CNTV    and Shanghai Media Group, is the only integrated for-profit IPTV platform operating    nationwide under CNTV's authorization.   As of today, CHINA IPTV has consolidated more than a dozen local IPTV    platforms covering 15 million subscriber homes and aims to accomplish its mission of    covering all IPTV users, existing and new, by the end of 2017. 


Under the terms of the agreement, CHINA IPTV and    YOD will work exclusively to provide Hollywood movie    content to all IPTV users in China. YOD will have    the first right of refusal on all movie content distribution, so that any content    that CHINA IPTV looks to distribute will always be    sourced first from YOU On Demand.


"CHINA IPTV selected YOU On Demand as one of our    most favored content partners based on the fact that YOD is already a recognized name    with established service partnerships with some of the leading IPTV and OTT operators    in China," stated Ms. Jing    Jing He, the Chief Editor and Executive Vice President of CHINA IPTV, "We also believe that YOD can help, with its rich    experience in both content distribution operations and marketing, to expedite our    integration with local IPTV platforms."


CEO Weicheng Liu, commenting on the partnership,    stated, "Aligning YOD's content alongside such a strong, centralized national    platform, will help strengthen both the YOD brand as well as its reach. This deal is    particularly significant to YOD on multiple levels.  First, it makes YOU On    Demand the exclusive gatekeeper of Hollywood movie    content to potentially 40+ million IPTV users.  Second, it provides YOD, in    addition to the typical SVOD and TVOD revenue split, a separate and additional    recurring revenue that will be tied to its heavy involvement in CHINA IPTV operations and marketing and how those engines drive    CHINA IPTV growth and expansion."


About YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (


YOU On Demand (NASDAQ: YOD), is a leading multi-platform entertainment service    company delivering premium content, including leading Hollywood movie titles, to customers across China via Subscription Video On Demand and Transactional Video    On Demand. The Company has secured alliances with leading global media operators and    content developers.  YOU On Demand has content distribution agreements in place    with many of Hollywood's top studios including Disney Media Distribution,    Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal and Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution,    Miramax, as well as a broad selection of the best content from Chinese filmmakers.    The Company has a comprehensive end-to-end secure delivery system, governmental    partnerships and approvals and offers additional value-added services. YOU On Demand    has strategic partnerships with the largest media entities in China, a highly experienced management team with international    background and expertise in Cable, Television, Film, Digital Media, Internet and    Telecom. YOU On Demand is headquartered in both New York,    NY and Beijing, China.


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