More Fast-Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles on the Horizon
PRETTL Electronics Automotive and MAHLE chargeBIG sign up for development cooperation
The fast-charging solution up to 750 kilowatts (kW) is set to accelerate the market launch
Shortest charging times and best everyday utility

PRETTL Electronics Automotive GmbH (or PEA for short) is part of the PRETTL Electronics Group and is the specialist for the development of power electronics. The cooperation with MAHLE chargeBIG helps PRETTL Electronics Automotive accelerate the market launch of its fast-charging products. The fast-charging solution offers charging power of up to 750 kW, is scalable, reduces charging time and is suitable for charging parks with up to 20 charging points.

"The Prettl Electronics Group has found the right partner in MAHLE chargeBIG to attain its ambitious targets. Unifying profitability and sustainability—this is our key approach. Our expertise in power electronics and the chargeBIG principle of intelligent load distribution achieve just that. This has given rise to an innovative and powerful charging solution on the market" said Carsten Ellermeier, CEO of Prettl Electronics.

Sebastian Ewert, founder and managing director of MAHLE chargeBIG GmbH, said: “Being more firmly anchored within the Group will boost our business performance as a provider and operator of e-mobility services. We’re delighted that we can now take the next step in establishing our fast-charging solution, chargeBIG POWER, with our development partner PRETTL Electronics.”

Both partners are committed to achieving an extensive charging infrastructure. The fast- charging solution offers charging power of up to 750 kW. This enables the shortest possible charging times, integrating perfectly into everyday life.

PEA’s development of power electronics meets the spirit of the times. Climate change necessitates the use, storage and conversion of alternative energies. eMobility is an important component in the turnaround in energy policy.

In 2021, 356,000 new cars powered purely by electricity were registered in Germany. This represents an increase of 84% over the previous year (source: Along with the growing number of registered electric vehicles, the demand is rising for charging points and the expectation of integration suitable for everyday use. In this regard, the fast-charging solution combines the advantages of scalability depending on the expansion of capacity with bidirectional power transfer. This vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology allows energy from eVehicle batteries to be fed back into the energy system. So electric vehicles can be discharged again and thus help stabilize the electrification grid. According to Dr. Jan Schmidt, developer for power electronics, the special feature is that the charging station delivers more than 920 volts. It always works bidirectionally with a certified inverter for feeding into the grid. The stand-alone power electronics thus offer wide-ranging solutions for the different charging requirements. For EV fleet operators, for commercial and community charging park operators, and for buildings and businesses to name but a few. Prettl’s contribution for a climate-friendly and sustainable future.

Source: Zulassungszahlen von Elektroautos 2021 | Statista

Contacts in PRETTL Electronics Group:

Carsten Ellermeier (CEO)
Phone: +49 3528-456-301

Steffi Birkner (Marketing)
Phone: +49 171- 4897330


Contacts in MAHLE Corporate Communications:

Christopher Rimmele
Product, Technology, and Aftermarket Communications Spokesman
Phone: +49 711 501-12374

Ruben Danisch
Head of Corporate and Product Communications
Phone: +49 711 501-12199


About PEA
PEA is an organization within the PRETTL Electronics Group with its main offices in Radeberg (Germany). The company specialized in the development of scalable power electronics up to 2.0 MW and provides modular DC Park & Charge solutions for e-mobility. With its innovative, trend- setting and fast charging technique, PEA focuses on the demand for self-sufficient HPC solutions: Our commitment for a climate-friendly future. A significant added value for our customers is a combination of more than 20 years of experience as an EMS service provider and the technical expertise of developing power electronics in the past decades. Also, the production site in Greenville SC makes further potential growth possible now.

About PRETTL Electronics Group

Based in Radeberg, PRETTL Electronics Group is one of the leading German system suppliers for Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). As a full-service partner our wide range of services encompasses professional solutions for development, prototyping, production, logistics and aftersales service as well as innovative processes for industrialization, obsolescence management and redesign. Numerous accreditations and certifications guarantee high quality support with a focus on energy technology, components for battery charging infrastructure, medical technology and industry. Our business operates six manufacturing sites in five countries, including the United States – in Greenville, SC. PRETTL Electronics is a subsidiary of PRETTL Group – a family-owned business in its third generation with more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Within the PRETTL Group, PRETTL Electronics Group is the specialist for all electronic applications.


MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry. The technology group is now broadly positioned in the areas of powertrain technology and thermal management with a clear focus on future topics relating to mobility. As part of its dual strategy, MAHLE is working both on the intelligent combustion engine for the use of hydrogen and other nonfossil fuels and on technologies that will help the fuel cell and e-mobility achieve broad acceptance in the markets. The product portfolio of the company, which was founded in 1920, addresses all the crucial aspects of the powertrain and air conditioning technology. Half of all vehicles in the world now contain MAHLE components. #weshapefuturemobility

In 2020, MAHLE generated sales of approximately EUR 9.8 billion and is represented in over 30 countries with more than 72,000 employees in 160 production locations and 12 major research and development centers. (Last revised: 2020-12-31)

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